Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship is a serious competition. That is why the competition has rules.

Read the rules before applying to the competition.

HMK Rules 2024

1. Organisers

The organiser of the competition is WTF Productions Ltd.

2. Entry

All individuals aged 18 or older can enter the competition (Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships) by sending the application form on the application page by the ending of the Application Period. The application must include a 1 minute long video, which includes knitting to heavy metal music of pre-selected song. Groups of people, with maximum number of 6, are also allowed to enter the competition.

By entering the competition and sending a video, the participant grants the the organiser the right to share and use the video they have filmed for promotion purposes.

3. Tools for the performance

Knitting needles are a compulsory prop in the performance and they must be held in both hands by at least one of the members in the performance group. A proper knitting project must be on needles. You don’t need to knit all the time, but you do need to knit during the performance.

4. The competition program

Qualification round

Internet – Application Period

Use the Entry Form provided by the organiser to sign in for the Qualification Round. Upload your one minute long video to YouTube and add a link to the video clip of your performance in the Entry Form. Use the official Heavy Metal Knitting song in your application video. You can choose freely which part of the song will be used as long as the duration of the video is one minute.

The style of the performance is free and there is no dress code except for you need to have at least some (the event is for all ages). The contestant will benefit if the performance is well planned and exercised (for example there is a practised choreography and there are well thought clothing / costumes).

The number of contestants to be admitted from the Qualification Round the to the Finals is 12 and will be selected by the organiser together with a jury consisting of individuals selected by the organiser.

The Qualification Round performances will be rated by the following aspects:
• attitude
• originality
• the suitability to the official Heavy Metal Knitting 2024 song used in the video clip
• artistic impression
• knitting presentation

The organiser will contact every admitted contestant personally.


Finland – Summer 2024

In the Finals, the contestant will perform a 1 minute long performance live on stage with a band. In the finals the selected 12 finalists will be competing for the World Champion title and the final will also be streamed live world wide. The performance order and song for each contestant will be determined by drawing lots.

The finalists need to attend the live event. The organiser will contact and interview all finalists as the finalists are chosen (right after the application has ended).

5. Participation fee

There is no participation fee for the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. Any possible costs of participating the qualification round and finals will be at contestant(s)’s own cost.

6. Prizes

The jury will decide the best three performances.

The grand prize is the title of Heavy Metal Knitting World Champion 2024 and a prize that will be given only to the winner. All top three acts will win a prize.

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or goods. The organisers reserve the right to make changes if they deem it necessary to avoid actions that may be considered harmful to some individuals or groups. The winner is responsible for any extra costs resulting from accepting the prize, as well as any other costs related to the prize.

7. Jury of the competition

Jury of 3 individuals at the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships will be selected by the event organiser. The organisers have determined the following aspects of the contestants’ performances when making decisions: Attitude, originality, the suitability to the song, how the stage is used, crowd reaction, artistic impression, and knitting presentation.

Each member of the jury gives marks between 1-10 for each performance. The marks are added together and the contestant who gets the highest total score wins.

8. Organisers’ responsibility.

The organisers’ responsibility with regard to participants does not exceed the value or amount of the prizes mentioned in these rules. The winner shall release the organisers from all accountability that may come from or be alleged to come from entering the competition or accepting the prize.

9. Official rules apply to all participants.

The Rules are subject to change by the organiser. Participants agree to observe these rules and respect the organisers’ decisions concerning the competition.